Letter from The President

It is very difficult for me to have to write my first “Letter from The President”, with its content focused upon the achievements of my predecessor, Angelo P. Creticos M.D., who recently passed away. He was my friend, practice partner, mentor and confidant.

Angelo was the Doctors’ Doctor, whose focus was always patient centered. His [Read More…]

Reducing the Risks of Type II Diabetes in Adolescence: Screening and Intervention in the School Based Health Center : 2002 – 2003

The increasing incidence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) in adolescents in the United States, particularly in the African-American and Latino populations, is most likely a consequence of rising rates of childhood and adolescent obesity combined with an ethnic predisposition to diabetes. The long-term complications of diabetes (kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, blindness) affect minority [Read More…]