The Washington Square Health Foundation requires interim and final progress reports on the use of its funds.

If your grant request has been approved, please be aware that Washington Square Health Foundation actively tracks funded projects to assure that grant funds are being used in the most effective way, as identified in the grant agreement.

Required grant reporting periods are as follows:

Interim Report (first six-month period of project):

Unless otherwise indicated, the first six-month period begins when funds are received (actual payment date), and allows an additional month to prepare the report (i.e. if grant funds are received on 9/30/23, the interim report will cover 10/01/23– 3/31/24, and is due 5/01/24).

Final Report (next six-month period of project):

The final report for one-year grant terms will cover the next six-month period (i.e. 4/01/24– 9/30/24, due 11/01/24).

In addition, at the time of the interim and final reports, the Washington Square Health Foundation requests that grantees provide professional quality photographs in digital format. Please obtain and provide the Foundation with releases of liability and permission to utilize (for publicity purposes) statements from all individuals and/or their legal guardians included in or associated with any audiovisual documentation, photographs or slides provided to the Foundation. Please use the Washington Square Health Foundation’s photo release form .  

Please submit your interim and final reports by filling out the online reporting form found in our Grant Portal using the link below. Please use the same credentials used for submitting your grant application to sign in, and click on the Requirements tab.