(Equipment Only)

Use the following questions to guide you through the preparation of a project brief. The brief should be no more than 10 pages and all questions must be answered. Use the word processing application and format of your choice and attach the brief to the General Application form when submitting the application.

  1. What is the equipment needed? What evidence is there that this equipment will improve patient care/medical education/community health?
  2. What process did you use to select the specific type/brand of equipment you wish to purchase?
  3. What are the goal and objectives of the project? You should be specific about who will use this equipment, where it will be installed and how many patients are expected to benefit. Please see the sample goals and objectives below.
    NOTE: you will be expected to track these objectives and report on level of attainment over the course of the project.
  4. How will staff training needs regarding the new equipment be addressed?
  5. Will additional staff be necessary for operating the equipment? Where will funds for additional staff and/or maintenance of the equipment be obtained?
  6. What do you estimate will be the expected useful life of this equipment given usage and changes in technology?
  7. Any other information that you think would be important for the Foundation to know about this project.



An objective should be an indicator of achievement that is measurable in some way. All objectives should include an indicator statement, a target population, a time frame and the amount of change expected in the indicator. For example, the number of eye surgeries (indicator) among older adults (target population) will increase by 50% (amount of change) in one year (time frame).

Below is a sample goal and objectives:

Goal: To improve the care of elderly eye surgery patients (specify surgical technique)


The average surgical time per patient will be reduced by 20% in the first year of equipment use.
The number of eye surgeries performed per year will increase by 50%.
The average amount of nursing time per patient during the post-surgery recovery period will decrease by 50% in the first year of equipment use.
The number of patient reporting a specific complication will decrease by 50% in the first year of equipment use.