(Research Support)

Use the following questions to guide you through the preparation of a project brief.

The brief should be no more than 10 pages and all questions must be answered.

Use the word processing application and format of your choice and attach the brief to the General Application form when submitting the application.

  1. Why is this project being undertaken? How is this related to previous research interests?
  2. What is the research question to be addressed? What do you expect to be able to report at the end of the project?
  3. What is the research design? Please describe the sample size rationale, specific experimental or quasi experimental design, subject enrollment procedures, data collection strategies, analysis plans.
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed approach especially regarding threats to internal validity and potential problems related to recruitment of subjects?
  5. How will you track interim progress of the research?
  6. Have you applied to the IRB for approval of the research process? (NOTE: IRB approval, if required, must be submitted to the Foundation office with the completed application.)
  7. How will the results be used? (e.g. to improve care; as a pilot for a larger project?)
  8. What complementary funding do you plan to secure in order to implement the research project?
  9. Include curriculum vitae of principal investigators (outside of page limit).