The intent of this check list is not to remove the necessity of reading the General and Specific Grant making Guidelines, and completing the Online Grant Application in its entirety, but to highlight the most common omissions.


They are as follows:

  1. Not having a budget of the project for each year of funding requested (up to three), detailing amounts requested, with appropriate justification and if part of a larger project, the budget for the entire project, including projected expenditures and revenue.
  2. A most recent completed Audit and notes and opinion, including management letter, if available. and/or Financial Statement.
  3. Completed and up to date copy of “Principles for Community Health Care,” one copy to also to be on file with the Donors Forum of Chicago. See General Guidelines for the format of the report. Be sure to provide the statistical information requested.
  4. Be sure to identify the type of project you are requesting funds for and complete all required information:
  5. If a project is both program and research, all questions requested must be answered; however, be sure to note the IRB requirement, under Research Support.
  6. If your project involves equipment, and is either a program and/or research request you must complete the required equipment questions. You should be aware that, if your request is funded, that funds will not be disbursed until we receive purchase orders or requisitions for all equipment requested, with delivery dates of with in three months of the date of the award announcement letter.
  7. Finally, if you are using the Donors Forum Common Application it is your responsibility to provide all missing information requested by the regular Washington Square Application.
  8. Grant submission deadlines (application must be uploaded by 11:59pm) are as follows: December 1, for the January\February Grant Committee Meeting or June 1 for the July\ August Grant Committee meeting.