Haymarket Center: 2022-2023

Haymarket Center is Chicago’s largest community-based provider of substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring mental health disorder (COD) treatment. They have served individuals experiencing homelessness since 1975. In June 2023, Haymarket was awarded Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike (FQHC-LAL) status under the Healthcare for the Homeless designation. Haymarket Center is now the only Level 3.5 residential treatment
program in Illinois with an FQHC-LAL status. The increased integration of primary care within Haymarket’s non-stigmatizing, non-criminalizing, trauma-informed system of behavioral healthcare and support services allows homeless individuals to receive uniquely comprehensive services during and after their stays at Haymarket.

The need for preventive and primary care for Haymarket Center patients is serious and deep. Haymarket Center patients typically have extraordinary levels of morbidity, complicated by social determinants. Haymarket Center’s target population includes those who are homeless and often affected by chronic physical, mental, and behavioral health conditions. Their patient population has been affected by trauma, adverse childhood experiences, long exposure to social determinants that affect health, criminal justice involvement, and social isolation. Most have had no regular source for primary health care.

A grant from the Washington Square Health Foundation provided support for the position of a Medical Assistant who performs critical clinic duties. Haymarket Center’s commitment to providing primary care on-site goes far beyond compliance with behavioral health treatment program requirements which call for a physical examination upon admission. Their family-oriented primary care services are fundamental to their approach to substance use treatment. As CEO Dr. Dan Lustig explains, “To truly care for our patients, we must attend to three issues simultaneously—treatment of their mental and physical health and substance use disorder. Unless we help our patients address all three issues, they are at high risk for recidivism.”

Over the past year, primary healthcare services have expanded to include screenings, immunizations, child wellness, and diagnostic laboratory services Monday – Friday each week. In addition, Haymarket Center provides women’s reproductive healthcare services including family planning, screenings and birth control, breast exams, and pre/post-natal care. They collaborate with medical provider partners allowing for referrals to services for our patients for diagnostic radiology, labor and delivery, postpartum care, prenatal care, preventative dental services, and voluntary family planning.

The Look-Alike Center minimizes barriers to accessing primary care services. Services are provided onsite through a newly constructed medical suite. This allows patients who are receiving inpatient and outpatient SUD treatment with same-day appointments with our team of medical providers. Onsite care also allows for improved follow-up and medical compliance.