Board Chair’s Message

When is one and one more than two?

During a recent presentation by the medical director of a local Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) on the opening of a new site, I realized that Washington Square Health Foundation (WSHF) had funded a grant to the organization’s original clinic. The grant was from several years [Read More…]

President’s Message

William N. Werner, MD, MPH

William N. Werner, MD, MPH

Updated President’s Message – August 2012

“Where Do We Go From Here”

I was recently asked by a church group to talk about the impact of health care reform on the average person and “where do we go from here.” In light of the recent Supreme Court decision [Read More…]

Program Related Investments

Private foundations have many tools that can be used to make an impact in the communities they serve besides making grants. A Program Related Investment (PRI) is one such tool. PRI’s provide innovative opportunities to maximize funds and partner with community organizations to advance foundation’s missions as well as the missions of the organizations.

PRI’s [Read More…]

Letter from The President

It is very difficult for me to have to write my first “Letter from The President”, with its content focused upon the achievements of my predecessor, Angelo P. Creticos M.D., who recently passed away. He was my friend, practice partner, mentor and confidant.

Angelo was the Doctors’ Doctor, whose focus was always patient centered. His [Read More…]