2004 Russe Award

Angelo P. Creticos, MD shakes the hand of the Institute of Medicine’s Executive Director, Dr. Widen, as he graciously accepts his award.



The Award honors superior humanitarianism in research, teaching and delivery of healthcare services, and is given to recognize persons who project qualities of humanitarianism that are integrated into professional, [Read More…]

Diabetes Five Year Functional Cure Plan Announced December 8, 2004

Washington Square Health Foundation Sponsors Dinner on December 8, 2004 to Announce the Results of the Chicago Project’s International Conference, A Five Year Scientific Plan to Develop a Functional Cure for Diabetes.

Dr. Jose Oberholzer presents the initial results of an International Conference of Diabetic Researchers, sponsored by The University of Illinois at [Read More…]

The Chinese American Service League (CASL)

The Chinese American Service League was the host of the Washington Square Health Foundation’s May 13, 2004 Board Meeting. The Chinese American Service League is the recipient of a large Program Related Investment (PRI) made to purchase the land that is now the site of CASL’s newly opened community center.

(Front Left to [Read More…]

Lake County Council Against Sexual Assault (LaCASA)

The Board of Directors of Washington Square Health Foundation convene for their August 14, 2003 Board Meeting and Site Visit at LaCASA, a recent recipient of a grant for their “Allied Healthcare Response to Sexual Violence Program,” an innovative approach that will improve the healthcare system’s response to sexual violence, integrate allied services and improve [Read More…]