La Rabida Children’s Hospital: 2019-2020

Since 1896, families with children in need of specialized medical care have turned to La Rabida Children’s Hospital. As the only hospital of its kind in Chicago, they are dedicated to improving the lives of patients who live with medically complex conditions, disabilities, chronic illness and those who have suffered abuse and trauma. [Read More…]

Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago: 2019-2020

Easterseals Academy (EA) students face overwhelming obstacles in achieving their goals – they have significant disabilities, they struggle with emotional and behavioral control, and most of them have considerable financial needs, as well. These students’ disabilities require so much support, in fact, they were unable to be served by their local systems. EA [Read More…]

Board Chair’s Message 2021

“Foundation Thoughts for 2021″

2020 has been a time of unprecedented change and challenge with a world-wide pandemic causing death and illness, devastating economic upheaval, and disruption to the conventional approaches to education and cultural institutions. As we look to the 2021 philanthropic landscape, what opportunities and pitfalls [Read More…]

Board Chair’s Message 2020

Board Chair’s Letter

Spring 2020

“What’s past is prologue” The Tempest

This quotation from William Shakespeare’s play struck me as a way to put the current COVID-19 pandemic in perspective. Growing up in the 1950’s, viral epidemics were common and frequent. Before effective vaccination programs, measles, mumps, chicken pox [Read More…]