Erie Family Health Center: 2014-2015

Erie Family Health Center’s (Erie’s) mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality health care for those in need. Erie is a community health center where patients can receive high-quality holistic care from a medical team they know—and who knows them. Founded in 1957, Erie provides high-quality, patient-centered primary, oral, and behavioral health care for [Read More…]

Goldie’s Place: 2014-2015

Homeless people in Chicago often have serious dental problems and severely limited access to care.

The typical Goldie’s Place Dental Clinic patient has systemic dental problems because of poor nutrition, poor oral health practice, lack of access to care and neglect. A large number require extractions, often multiple extractions. After treatment is completed, they [Read More…]

Little City: 2014-2015

Oral health services for persons with disabilities are among the most prevalent unmet needs in the United States. Little City understands that a dental office can be particularly challenging if the entire experience is not specifically designed to accommodate individuals with special needs.

Few practitioners are trained, willing or appropriately equipped to serve individuals with [Read More…]