Lawndale Christian Health Center: 2013-2014

Lawndale Christian Health Center

Growing medical research shows that oral health is a key component of overall healthcare, and that poor oral health may lead to other chronic diseases and increase risks of other health problems. Despite the critical importance of dental care, there is little to no coverage of dental services for [Read More…]

Health Leads Chicago: 2013-2014

Health Leads

Health Leads envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care. Their mission is to catalyze this healthcare system by connecting patients with the basic resources they need to be healthy, and in doing so build leaders with the conviction and ability [Read More…]

The Children’s Clinic: 2013-2014

The Children’s Clinic

There is a critical shortage of affordable dental care for low-income children in the Chicago area. Finding care for special needs children (i.e., children with Down’s Syndrome, autism), children with extensive or complex oral health problems (i.e., children in need of multiple extractions or root canals), and children with behavioral [Read More…]

Chicago Hearing Society: 2013-2014

Chicago Hearing Society

The purchase of a new Middle Ear Analyzer for Chicago Hearing Society’s (CHS) Hearing Health Clinic was made possible by a grant from the Washington Square Health Foundation. The new Analyzer replaced the last remaining antiquated machine, which CHS used for more than 15 years. The Middle Ear Analyzer is [Read More…]