Clearbrook: 2005 – 2006

A Clearbrook client and ACES participant, tosses colorful balls into a barrel while a volunteer helps her to count them as they go in.

Washington Square Health Foundation awarded a research grant to Clearbrook, a human service agency that is committed to being a leader in creating innovative opportunities, services, and support for [Read More…]

Lambs Farm Health Services: 2005 – 2006

Lambs Farm serves a mission of empowering people with developmental disabilities to lead personally fulfilling lives. A critical step toward achieving that mission is providing the best possible care for the Lambs Farm Participants’ health and well-being.

The Washington Square Health Foundation granted funds to support a new health care delivery system at Lambs Farm. [Read More…]

Access Community Health Network: 2005-2006

Diabetes and other chronic diseases cause untold pain and suffering, consume a significant proportion of families’ and the national’s health care budget, and often disproportionately affect people who are Hispanic and/or African American.

Access Community Health Network (ACCESS) turned to the Washington Square Health Foundation (WSHF) for support to develop a diabetes management program for [Read More…]

Family Christian Health Center: 2005 – 2006

Family Christian Health Center and the Washington Square Health Foundation partner to offer alternatives to emergency room care.

In June 2006, Family Christian Health Center in Harvey, Illinois launched a unique program aimed at reducing the use of the local emergency room for primary care concerns. With the support of the Washington Square [Read More…]