Adult & Child Therapy Services: 2010-2011

Adult & Child Therapy Services (ACTS) is a nonprofit, outpatient clinic that has served McHenry County in Illinois since 1949. The clinic provides physical, occupational and speech therapy services to patients of all ages, whether insured, underinsured or uninsured.

Thanks to a grant to the Washington Square Health Foundation, ACTS can now deliver its services to a unique population within their community through the Fall Prevention Program. The Fall Prevention Program is a health education and treatment program geared toward seniors in the community. For older adults, falls can be the beginning of serious health problems. Through this program, ACTS uses screenings to determine if an individual is at risk for falling, identifies the factors that put them at risk and modifies those factors. ACTS’ state-of-the-art equipment and specifically trained therapy staff can determine if a senior is at risk for a fall, where they are weakest, and even environmental factors that could account for a fall.

Fall Risk patient, Evelyn Karl, came to Adult & Child Therapy Services because her doctor felt she needed assistance from a cane to remain steady. “My walking was not as good as she wanted it to be,” Evelyn said. “She wanted me to use a cane.” After working with ACTS for a short time, Evelyn and her doctor noticed a difference. “I’m 87 years old,” Evelyn said. “At a certain point, your muscles stop working as well. I didn’t want mine to stop working.”

Through the use of our equipment and the advice of our certified therapists, Evelyn is stronger and confident. “I still have the cane, but I don’t need to use it.”

Adult & Child Therapy Services is the only agency in McHenry County offering a Fall Risk Screening and Prevention program to older adults. For over 60 years ACTS has had the opportunity to serve and grow with McHenry County. With the help of the Washington Square Health Foundation, ACTS will continue to create opportunities to serve, educate and care for the community.

Adult & Child Therapy Services’ mission is to provide the highest level of services to the physically challenged and developmentally delayed of every age, bringing hope and creating confidence to realize individual maximum levels of independence. In fulfilling this mission, ACTS benefits clients, families and the community.