2004 Russe Award

Angelo P. Creticos, MD shakes the hand of the Institute of Medicine’s Executive Director, Dr. Widen, as he graciously accepts his award.



The Award honors superior humanitarianism in research, teaching and delivery of healthcare services, and is given to recognize persons who project qualities of humanitarianism that are integrated into professional, personal and civic life through sustained relationships with patients, colleagues, and members of the greater Chicago Community. The Henry P. Russe, MD Citation for Exemplary Compassion in Healthcare is awarded by the Institute of Medicine of Chicago and Rush University Medical Center in memory of Henry P. Russe, MD, who served as Dean of Rush University Medical Center and as President of the Institute of Medicine.

The Washington Square Health Foundation is pleased and proud of our President, Angelo P. Creticos, MD, FACC, FACP, as his over 55 years of service to the Chicago community has provided a wealth of advancements and improved standards of and access to healthcare.

After completing an extensive and impressive education at the Medical College of South Carolina, University of Chicago, Washington University, and University of Illinois, he went on to influence generations of health care professionals through numerous academic appointments at Chicago area Medical Schools and at the present time is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Rush University Medical Center. He was aware of the needs of total patient care so that early in his career he served on the ISMS Committee that promoted the development of the Associate Degree in Nursing that junior colleges included in their curriculum.

He also impacted the field of podiatry immensely as the Chairman of the Board at, what is now, the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science by taking a leadership role in transforming the Podiatric curriculum to a medical school model which led to its acceptance as a recognized ancillary medical specialty. He changed the degree of Chiropody to Doctor of Podiatric Medicine to better reflect the Podiatrist’s professional position as a member of the medical community. Dr. Creticos actively worked to have hospitals amend their medical staff by-laws to allow podiatrists to become members of a hospital’s professional staff.

As Chief of Medicine and Medical Director of the George & Anna Portes Cancer Center, he spearheaded the development of Multiphasic health testing at the center, as well as screening mammography on a large scale, and established and operated the most comprehensive clinic of its kind. During this time he was on staff at Henrotin Hospital where he later became the Medical Director and Director of Medical Education and developed the Henrotin Health & Fitness Testing Center, a model of preventive medicine’s capability to improve health, many years before it became fashionable to do so.

When Henrotin Hospital closed in the 1980s he became a founding Board Member of the Washington Square Health Foundation, one of the first conversion foundations in the country. By recycling the assets of the sale of the hospital into an endowment the foundation continues to support the Chicagoland healthcare community by providing funds in order to promote and maintain access to quality healthcare to all of its residents. The Foundation’s Grant Making Program, led by Dr. Creticos as Vice President of the Foundation and Chairman of the Grant Committee before becoming its President in 1996 has, from inception through the 2002 fiscal year, ending September 30, 2003, donated over 17.9 million dollars in charitable grants to the community, representing 107% of its original assets.

Also with the close of Henrotin Hospital, Dr. Creticos became active with Illinois Masonic Medical Center (IMMC) where he developed and served as Director of Podiatric Services, Director of Professional Affairs and Advisor to the Vice President of Medical Affairs, and Interim Chairman and subsequently Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine. He developed an affiliation between Illinois Masonic Medical Center and Scholl College whereby IMMC became the principal teaching hospital for Scholl College. He also helped establish two residency training programs at IMMC through Scholl College.

In recognition and appreciation for his work in the fields of medical education, clinical preventive medicine and delivery of health care, IMMC honored Dr. Creticos with the dedication of the Angelo P. Creticos, MD Cancer Center and an Endowment in Perpetuity, and the Angelo P. Creticos, MD Visiting Professorship in Medicine.

Dr. Creticos continues to improve the lives and health of the community in his position as Medical Director of the Union Health Service, of which he was a founding member. Union Health Service is a unique health care provider established as a not for profit organization, with the operating structure of a medical staff directed health maintenance organization.

Dr. Angelo P. Creticos has proven himself an extraordinary contributor to the improvement of his community, and an apt choice of the great honor of the Henry P. Russe, MD Citation for Exemplary Compassion in Healthcare.